Track Record

Cascade & Chinook Project

– High profile project for worlds deepest FPSO project. Contract value USD 7m
– All heavy lifts for the FPSO constructions with multiple complex HLV charters
– Project movements covered by National Geographic’s Megastructures
– Moved the world’s largest STP Buoy from Asia to Gulf of Mexico

Load-out for Lam Son FPSO

– External Turret Production Module. 33m high, 18m wide and 900 tons excluding grillage
– Marine Engineering
– Grillage and seafastening design and fabrication

Heavy lift for McDermott’s Ichthys Project

– Chartering of floating cranes and mobilization and assembly of 750 ton shore crane for heavy load-outs from fabrication yards
– Engineering and vessel seafastening. Marine agency and logistics coordination.

Remote Operations Support for KNOC – Wokam Field, West Papua

– International and domestic logistics including hotshots by fixed wing and helicopters to Kaimana, Timika and Sorong. Ground handling support for crew change by helicopters. Fuel and water supply and provision of safety training, gear and equipment
– LCT chartering and operation, warehousing and customs under masterlist
– Rig agency